Transforming Pharma Analytics With Chat GPT

How Anervea's Use of Chat GPT and Generative AI Improved Commercial Analytics for a Leading Pharmaceutical Company

At Anervea, we are committed to providing innovative solutions to help pharmaceutical companies optimize their commercial analytics. Our use of chat GPT and generative AI has allowed us to provide advanced insights that traditional analytics tools may not offer. In this case study, we will examine how we used these cutting-edge technologies to help a major pharmaceutical company improve their commercial analytics capabilities.

The Client Mandate

Our client, a leading pharmaceutical company, was facing increasing competition and pressure to meet their revenue targets. They were struggling to gain actionable insights from their existing commercial analytics tools and were looking for a way to improve their analytics capabilities.

Our Solution

Our team at Anervea proposed the use of chat GPT and generative AI (because we are fantastic!) to generate insights that traditional analytics tools could not provide. We started by training a chat GPT model on a vast dataset of customer interactions, including calls, emails, and online chats. This allowed us to identify patterns and trends in customer behaviour that were not evident in the client's existing analytics tools.

To further enhance the accuracy of our model, we used generative AI to simulate customer interactions and predict their behaviour. This allowed us to generate insights about how customers might respond to different marketing strategies, which helped us optimise the client's marketing campaigns.


Our chat GPT and generative AI solution provided the client with significant improvements in their commercial analytics capabilities. Some key results include:

Improved customer targeting:

Our model coupled with the powers of our platform Alfa {Dev.} identified key customer segments that the client had not previously considered, allowing them to tailor their marketing campaigns to those segments. As a result, the client saw a 30% increase in conversion rates within these segments.

Increased campaign effectiveness:

Our generative AI simulations predicted the effectiveness of different marketing strategies, allowing the client to optimize their campaigns for better results. The client reported a 25% increase in campaign effectiveness.

Real-time insights:

Our chat GPT model provided real-time insights during HCP interactions, allowing the client's sales and marketing teams to adjust their strategies on the fly. The client reported a 40% increase in the speed of their response to customer inquiries and feedback.

Higher revenue:

The client reported a 16% increase in revenue after implementing our chat GPT and generative AI solution.

In Conclusion

At Anervea, we believe that the use of chat GPT and generative AI will continue to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry and help companies stay competitive in an ever-evolving market.

Our use of these technologies has allowed us to provide advanced insights that traditional analytics tools cannot offer.

We are proud to have helped our client improve their commercial analytics capabilities and achieve significant improvements in revenue and campaign effectiveness.

If you are looking to improve your commercial analytics capabilities, contact us at Anervea today.

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