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Alfa {Dev.}

Anervea’s proprietary location-based AI-enabled platform offers comprehensive & actionable insights on customers with various dimensional metrics and KPIs to shape commercial strategy.

Optimize decision-making with Alfa {Dev.} Integrate demographics data, targeted healthcare listings and much more from preset data options

Why Alfa {Dev.}

Precise, Comprehensive and Unified insights for high-impact decision making.

Precision targeting through demographic insights
The power of demography to add precision in your sales strategy. Add population and socio-economic data to mix and fine-tune your sales strategy like never before.
Comprehensive healthcare listings by postcode
Get unlimited access to validated listings of physicians and healthcare entities at the postcode level.
Unified Dashboards
Anervia’s team of data experts help put all the intelligence you need in one place.

Alfa {Inspira.}

Alfa {Inspira.} offers an unparalleled platform in the industry, allowing companies to construct and manage all types of variable pay plans easily, and develop exceptional customer engagement to exceed performance targets

Our Solutions

Our platform offers all the necessary tools that enable you to rapidly develop plans of any configuration, including the most intricate structures of crediting, splits, clawbacks, and roll-ups. You don’t need to write any code or make changes to the way you incentivize your teams.

Change is the only constant in incentive operations world. However, with Alfa {Inspira.}, you can swiftly modify any component of your plans. Our platform’s on-the-fly modeling feature allows you to visualize the effects of any alteration on performance and payout.

Our platform creates a data pipeline that seamlessly maps your data sources and automatically transforms them into an intended structure for calculations and reporting. You don’t have to modify the way you collect, store, and utilize your data.

Alfa {Inspira.} offers automated communications that are clear, timely, and unambiguous regarding incentive plans and expectations. These communications assist in keeping your teams aligned with the goal. The platform also has built-in performance report templates that enable you to provide real-time visibility to your team and channel partners.