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CI Vantage - Our Premier AI Driven Competitive Intelligence Insights Platform

Traditional CI
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Manually exhaustive reports
Data heavy decks that require extensive manual updating
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Gaps in updates and tracking due to delayed reporting
Generating traditional CI reports can be tedious and time-consuming which results in delayed reporting and missing information
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Lacks collaborative experience
Traditional CI reports lack the ability of robust knowledge-sharing in a collaborative manner
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Old-fashioned analytical methodology
CI quality can get lowered in traditional CI reports due to biases from internal knowledge
Anervea's CI Vantage
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Real time Automated Report Update
Efficiently analyze extensive datasets in real-time, saving time and gaining profound insights into competitors' actions
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One stop portal with Real-time updates, monitoring and alerts
Customizable notifications, news alerts with real-time, data-driven recommendations, greatly assists in the strategic decision-making process for evaluating clinical trials
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Collaborative and Knowledge sharing platform
Seamlessly share ideas and comments in real-time using the comment box feature. Easily upload presentations or PDFs, and get concise content summaries.
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Optimized precision using Predictive Analytics
Enable market entry strategy analyzing market dynamics, patient demographics, and regulatory requirements, allowing pharmaceuticals to make intelligent decisions

CI Vantage unlocks Pharmaceutical success by harnessing AI-Enhanced Competitive Insights

  1. Real-Time information at one place
    With the combination of real-time data feeds and Generative AI, get crucial CI insights
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Spot competitor trends and move
    • Clinical Trial tracking to learn more about the drug pipelines, trial success rates, patient recruitment methods, and potential regulatory issues.
  2. Unified Database backed by Social Media Tracking
    Social media tracking leveraging all secondary sources, we help you to uncover competitor product positing via Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs giving you access to a robust database sentiment analysis around the drug/product.
  3. Think and Curate Proactive strategy with CI Vantage
    Navigate competition, foresee market shifts, conquer compliance challenges, and spot emerging opportunities with our AI-powered platform. Access detailed product profiles with molecule details, development stages, labels, approvals, drug class, administration routes, and designations.
  4. Customizable Knowledge-sharing platform
    Tools and features galore to foster collaboration, including forums, discussion boards, communities etc. Gather CI insights that can be tailored as per your specifications with adhoc and customization.
Enjoy real-time updates that can be instantly downloaded and presented, eliminating the need to wait for monthly or quarterly reports
Salesforce Alignment With the power of Locational Intelligence
KOL research analysis and Market Outlook
  • KOL Insights to synthesis evolving opinions and trends
  • Market forecast and trends using predictive analytics
Salesforce Alignment With the power of Locational Intelligence
Social Media Tracking
  • Real-time social media tracking of competitors- Track insights from LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs.
  • Inferences/ Insights Captured through audience sentiments.
Salesforce Alignment With the power of Locational Intelligence
Competitive Deep Dive Landscape
  • Customizable competitive landscape, pipeline tracker, product profiles and competitor analysis.
  • Analyzes regulatory and compliance risks and assists you with more efficient traversing complicated regulatory environments.
  • Ad Hoc
Salesforce Alignment With the power of Locational Intelligence
Post-launch activities
  • Analyzing market dynamics, patient demographics, and product positioning and messaging using sentiment analysis.
  • Value added services.
Salesforce Alignment With the power of Locational Intelligence
Real-time News alerts and IR Analysis
  • Continuous monitoring of indications, products and companies for regular CI alerts.
  • Live coverage and reporting from various investor calls
Salesforce Alignment With the power of Locational Intelligence
Medical conference coverage
  • End to end medical conference coverage of scientific release, booths and industry symposia.
  • Customizable post conference report.
Enjoy real-time updates that can be instantly downloaded and presented, el…

Step Into The Future of Intelligence with CI Vantage