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Unified Dashboard - Indian Pharma client wanted to clean and curate multiple input data streams

Client Need: Our client has multiple data streams that are used as an input into various reporting needs. The ask was to clean and curate these data sources to improve the structure and bring consistency

Key Challenge: One of the key challenges was that HCPs across platforms were duplicated and Anervea had to identify this duplication and standardize the solution

Solution: We created categories of data instances based on their complexity and used different approaches to solve the issue across these categories.

o For example, we used standard rule-based logic for low complexity and cosine similarity algorithms for high and most complex data instances

o Almost 70% of data instances were addressed through Categories 1 and 2 and the rest were addressed through category 3

Business Impact: As a result of our solution, 25% of data duplication was reduced to 5% and reporting solutions became more reliable leading to better decision-making.

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