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Navigating Difficult Territories with Alfa {Dev.} Anervea's Location-based SFE Platform


Generics Pharma Major Operating in India and USA


A Generics Pharma Major, operating in both India and the USA, faced the challenge of effectively navigating difficult & extra urben territories to optimize resource allocation, reduce costs, and improve product availability. They sought to streamline their distribution network and enhance operational efficiency in challenging market environments.


Anervea partnered with client to leverage location-based analytics, utilizing their proprietary location-based AI-enabled platform, Alfa Dev. This platform offers comprehensive and actionable insights on customers, utilizing various dimensional metrics and KPIs to shape commercial strategy. With Alfa Dev, Anervea provided client with precision targeting through demographic insights, comprehensive healthcare listings by post code, and unified intelligence dashboards.

By analyzing the proximity of healthcare providers and patient populations using Alfa Dev, Anervea identified opportunities for operational optimization and strategic resource allocation in the difficult ex-urben territories faced by the client.

Data Points

  • Proximity analysis of healthcare providers, including pharmacies and healthcare facilities.

  • Patient population density and distribution.

  • Transportation and logistical factors, such as travel time and delivery routes.


Anervea's analysis, powered by the Alfa Dev platform, enabled the client to navigate difficult territories effectively, optimise resource allocation, and streamline their distribution network.

The integration of location intelligence through Alfa Dev provided comprehensive insights, contributing to the remarkable results achieved.


  • Substantial reduction in supply chain costs, specifically by 25% in challenging territories.

  • Enhanced operational efficiency and productivity despite difficult market environments.

  • Strengthened relationships with key stakeholders, including healthcare providers and distributors.

  • Improved product availability in challenging territories, ensuring better access to patients in need.

By leveraging Anervea's proprietary location-based AI-enabled platform, Alfa Dev, the client gained comprehensive and actionable insights, enabling them to successfully navigate difficult territories.

The precise targeting, comprehensive healthcare listings, and unified intelligence dashboards provided by Alfa Dev facilitated strategic decision-making, optimizing resource allocation and driving improved operational efficiency.

This case study highlights how the integration of location-based analytics, powered by the Alfa Dev platform, can empower generics pharma majors to overcome challenges and thrive in complex market environments in both India and the USA.

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