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Indian Pharma client looking to improve their current HCP coverage

Client Need: An Indian pharma client wanted to improve their HCP coverage by reaching out to incremental HCPs of high & medium value

Key Challenge: The current target list of the client was very comprehensive, but it’s reach was low, and it did not have the sales impact (or prescribing behaviour) as expected by our client partner

Solution: Anervea reviewed the target list of our client, we did an overlap analysis with our internal dataset to come up with ~20% of incremental HCPs who could influence the larger population influx.

o Once these HCPs were identified, we layered them with other key indicators such as KOLs, reviews etc. to filter the HCPs who are perceived as an influencer of the market and patients who liked their services.

o Based on these key indicators, we segmented these HCPs in order of priority so that client partners can make decisions on call plans based on rep capacity and maximise sales.

Business Impact: After six months of implementation of the refined target list, the overall reach improved by 15% and sales growth started reflecting due to improved coverage.

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