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IC Design & Operations

Our specialized services focus on the design and management of Incentive Compensation (IC) programs within the pharmaceutical industry. We offer expertise in developing tailored IC plans aligned with business objectives, leveraging data-driven insights for optimal incentive structures. With a deep understanding of pharma operations, we ensure seamless implementation and ongoing IC program management, driving motivation, and achieving sales excellence.

IC Design and Goal Setting

Strategic Planning. Optimal Allocation. Maximum Impact. Sales Force Excellence

Unleash the Potential of Your IC Plan

Assess the vitality of your IC plan and unlock its power to drive exceptional business results.

Supercharge Your IC Plan for Success

Determine if your IC plan aligns with business objectives, and if not, identify the refinements necessary to propel success.


Ignite Success with a Tailored IC Design

Discover the optimal IC design to ignite success for your newly launched brand, unlocking its full potential.


Drive Sales Force Excellence with Targeted Territory Goals

Fuel sales force excellence by setting precise territory goals based on historical performance, market potential, and accurate company forecasts.

Incentives that motivates

Design and develop a sales incentive compensation plan that is fiscally responsible and motivating for the field force (goal-based IC plan, commission-based IC plan, rank-based IC plan, matrix-based IC plan, MBO-based IC plan, and hybrid IC plans)

Real Goal Setting

Simple, moderate, or complex goal-setting methodology based on data availability and business requirements

IC at finger tips

IC Operations analytics and reporting


Transforming Pharma Analytics with Generative AI & Chat GPT

How Anervea's Use of Chat GPT and Generative AI Improved Commercial Analytics for a Leading Pharmaceutical Company

IC Operations Analytics and Reporting

Data-driven insights and comprehensive reporting for enhanced Incentive Compensation (IC) management.

Seamless Sales Compensation Processing

Process sales compensation with built-in quality checks for complete accuracy and generate comprehensive scorecards.

Compliance Management Made Easy

Streamline compliance management processes, ensuring adherence to regulations and industry standards.

Proactive Monitoring for Process Excellence

Monitor process efficiency, quality, and adherence to timelines, ensuring operational excellence.

Robust IC Platform for Efficient Operations

Offer a comprehensive Incentive Compensation (IC) platform to manage all aspects of operations and audits efficiently.

Agile IC Reporting

Daily, weekly, or monthly IC processing and reporting, along with roster management

Unleashing IC Scorecard and Goal Card Insights

Leverage our advanced platforms, including Alpha {Inspira}, Power BI, Qlik Sense, and MS Excel, for comprehensive sales reporting, IC scorecard analysis, and goal card reporting. Achieve data-driven excellence for informed decision-making.

Unlock the true potential of your company's data with our comprehensive analytics and business intelligence services at Anervea Data Labs. 

Setting Us Apart: Unlocking Distinct Advantages

  • Deep expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, addressing unique challenges and regulatory requirements.

  • Collaborative approach to understand your goals and deliver tailored solutions.

  • Leveraging advanced analytics and cutting-edge technologies for accurate predictions and competitive advantage.

  • Focus on data visualization to enhance understanding and facilitate decision-making.

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