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Precise Strategies With Alfa {Dev.}

Welcome to Alfa Dev, your ultimate analytics solution suite designed exclusively for global life sciences clients. Our groundbreaking suite harnesses the power of location intelligence, AI, NLP, and advanced salesforce analytics to offer deep insights at the postcode level. With Alfa Dev, your sales strategy teams gain comprehensive and actionable insights to shape their commercial strategies like never before. Here's why Alfa Dev is the game-changer for pharmaceutical sales:

Precision Targeting through Location Intelligence

Demographic Insights

Add a new level of precision to your sales strategy by leveraging demographic insights. Target specific customer segments based on their location, age, income, and more.

Fine-tune Sales Strategy

Integrate population and socio-economic data to refine your sales approach and tailor messaging to specific regions, driving personalized engagement and improved sales performance.

Top Use Case

Optimise Territory Planning With Our Suite

Identify areas with high demand and specific demographics, allowing your sales teams to focus their efforts where they are most likely to succeed. Tailor marketing campaigns and promotional activities based on the unique characteristics of each region.

Comprehensive Healthcare Listings by Postcode

Verified Listings

Access validated and up-to-date listings of physicians, healthcare entities, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, and hospitals at the postcode level.

HCPs by Specialty

Identify healthcare professionals by their specialties, enabling targeted engagement and collaboration.

Complete Healthcare Ecosystem

Gain detailed information on pharmacies, diagnostic centers, and hospitals to optimize your sales efforts and strengthen partnerships.

Top Use Case

Effective Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Engagement

Identify influential healthcare professionals in specific regions who can advocate for your products. Build relationships and engage KOLs strategically, leveraging their expertise to influence prescribing patterns and increase brand adoption


Unified Analytics Dashboards

Customized Dashboards

Collaborate with our data experts to build tailored analytics dashboards that consolidate data from various sources.

Holistic View

Gain a comprehensive view of your sales performance, market trends, customer behavior, and more through interactive visualizations.

Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate Alfa Dev with your existing data sets to leverage the full potential of your information assets.

Top Use Case

Market Insights for Product Launch

Analyze historical sales data, market trends, and competitor performance to identify the best launch strategy for a new product. Determine the optimal pricing, positioning, and marketing approach based on comprehensive market insights.

Location Intelligence as the Secret Sauce

Geographic Insights

Uncover hidden patterns and geographic hotspots to understand market dynamics and identify untapped regions for business growth.

Resource Optimization

Optimize resource allocation by understanding the market potential of specific regions, guiding sales teams to focus on high-value areas.

Increased Sales Effectiveness

Leverage location intelligence to prioritize customer visits, plan efficient routes, and ensure targeted engagements for maximum impact.

Top Use Case

Territory Management and Sales Planning

Utilize location intelligence to divide territories strategically, balancing workload and potential opportunities. Optimize sales routes, prioritize customer visits, and allocate resources effectively to drive sales performance and customer satisfaction.


Discover the untapped potential in your data and make informed decisions that drive revenue growth. Join us on this transformative journey with Alfa Dev.

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